How do I order photos only? -- Go to our "Letters" tab at the top of the page and search the photos you want there and hit "Add to Cart" for the ones you choose. Our photos are smaller than 4"x6".

The letters are 2 3/4"x4" 

Will my letters be framed? -- Yes, from the homepage type the word you desire to have framed the big red "GO" box to see your word framed with random choices from our program... From there hit each photo individually to see your options for each letter to choose from. Change the matte color by clicking on the matte and change the frame option by clicking on the frame from the original example.

How long does it take to ship -- We ship within 5 business days.

What size are your photos? -- Our Letters are 2 3/4" x 4"

How do I add utilize "The" photo? -- From the home page simply type a space where you want the word "The" and you will be prompted to change the photo in the next step and will see the "The" photo among many other options...